Gel City Rental packs and Hire Gear


Please note that all damage done to hire equipment will be charged to the person who hired the gear.

Please make sure to purchase your hire gear with your session ticket.

To purchase one of our hire packs please view the session you wish to join and select the correct ticket and rental pack. Those wishing to hire masks, gels, chest rigs, nades and more can find them below.

gel blaster rental pack 1

Rental Pack #1 AEG

Rental pack 1 (AEG) consists of a standard electric gel blaster + saftey gear + rental gels and battery.

gel blaster rental pack 2

Rental Pack #2 HPA

Rental pack 2 (HPA) consists of the same as Rental pack saftey gear + rental gels and battery with the gel blaster being upgraded with a High pressure air system for faster rate of fire and accuracy.

Collection: Gel City Hire Gear / Ammo

A list of all our rental gear available for our gel blaster sessions at Gel City.