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Gel City



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Thursday Social Scrims 


Session Information

This session is made for players who want to get into speedball or for teams to come down get some practice in and find new members!! Lots of great skilled players and often close-range shots.  Let off some steam now that the week is behind you. Bring your friends, come down, and pull that trigger. Rapid Quick 5 player Capture the flag Using the CQB courts with a central podium. 5 v 5 Deathmatches.

 This session is usually FULLY BOOKED: so, BOOK EARLY!

  • 15+ Age Restriction
  • NO FPS, RPS, or Gel Restrictions.
  • No minimum engagement.
  • Play Safe and fair! Be Responsible 

3hr sessions consisting of varying CQB games. (20 mins Mid Break) 

 How to Book

Step 1: Simply choose the sessions and time you would like to attend

Step 2: Then choose how many ticked you would like to book! 

Step 3: Choose your weapon of choice! Hires are a must if you are not bringing your own gel blaster, please note you may be charged a Hire fee + a 10% surcharge for not bringing a blaster on the day. Gel Blasters and all the gear is available in our huge in-house store. Check out our gel blaster link on the homepage for more info!

Step 4: Order your Snacks and beverages and enjoy! We will handle the rest 

See you on the field, Happy Blasting, Pew Pew Pew

 General Info

Please arrive 20 mins prior to your event, we recommend you download & fill out the Waiver Form, this will speed up the check-in process and give you more time on the field.

We would recommend ordering food online, this will save valuable game time. However, it's not essential.

Upon check-in you will be allocated a wristband, your wristband will prove your entry. Please wear the wristband at all times and in a visible position. You will have a quick safety debrief prior to being allowed onto the field. No dry firing or firing the blaster until in designated areas! 

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