Hard-Core Thursday (18+)

Hard-Core Thursday (18+)

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Thursday nights are definitely not for the faint  hearted !

This 2 hour session will get your heart racing, Get your blood pumping and put you direct into the mind-set of a real-life battle. This adult hardcore session has:

Zero  limit, Zero  engagement distance, Zero Bang-Bang rule, Zero hardened gel limits and Zero mag refills in some rounds (playing CQB scenario based games)
The Zero-based rules will make this night hardcore, more fun, more pain & more realism.

18 years of age and over.

Full face mask required - Australian standards minimum requirement (airsoft or paintball masks) - No safety glasses

Long shirts & pants recommended. - (Minimum T-shirt & shorts), No shirtless tough-guys. 

Gelball 'springer' / C02 / Bang 22 grenades are allowed
(No smoke grenades or home made grenades at all)

Strobes and torches are allowed (no laser pointers or similar) - if player group doesn't have medical issues preventing their use
(there will be black out / lights out and very foggy conditions in some scenarios).

Bookings are a must. 
We recommend arriving a little early (20min) to set up and be ready for briefing