What is Gelball/What are Gel Blasters? 
A gel blaster is typically a battery or air powered replica toy gun that fires a small water polymer gel pellet, commonly known as orbeez.  Gelball is a sport, similar to paintball where players compete in various game modes, shooting each other and completing tasks in a team orientated atmosphere. 

Are gel blasters dangerous? 
When used correctly, and with appropriate eye protection being worn, gel blasters are almost entirely harmless. Typical physical damage caused by a gel blaster is limited to a small red mark or welt, and in extreme close range circumstances it may leave a bruise resembling a blood blister. This is mitigated through the use of what is known as a 'bang bang' rule. Players who come into close contact, may shout 'bang, bang' while aiming at another player. The player whom is on the receiving end of this, is considered to be hit/or tagged as if he/she had been shot. 
Our referees have strict policies governing the use of gel blasters, and eye protection while within the gel city playing field/arena. 

Do I need to own a gel blaster to participate? 
We have gel blasters and personal protective equipment which is available for hire, for $35, including unlimited ammunition. However, we find most players want to purchase their own within a day or two of their first session! We have a fully stocked 'pro-shop' on site, if you decide to take the plunge, one of our friendly staff will be happy to help guide you in the right direction! 

What ages can play? 
We cater to all ages from 8 to 80! Some of our sessions are not suitable for children, such as the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evening sessions. We suggest parents with younger children aim to attend a morning or lunch session, where the slower pace will enable your child to enjoy their session with members their own age. 

Do you take corporate or private bookings? 
Yes we do! We offer private training sessions for Speedball and other competitive gel ball teams, as well fully staffed corporate, school and private events/functions. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs! 

Do I need a firearms licence or similar to play gelball/own a gel blaster? 
No, you do not need to obtain a licence or permit to own a gel blaster. However there are some specific requirements under the law that you must adhere to, if you wish to own one. You can find this information on the QLD Police website, click here for more info. Stop & Think before using your gel blaster, or taking it into public. Secure it when not in use, in a gun bag or case with a lock. This will ensure you, or someone you know doesn't pick it up and accidentally cause a police incident.